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Aug 19, 2019

No one I know is really happy with the choice of presidential candidates right now, so I feel it is my patriotic duty to announce my candidacy! In this episode I do that, and tell why I’d make the best choice in 2020. My campaign slogan will be “Isn’t it time we had a psychologist in the White House?”

Jul 28, 2019

In Part 2, I talk more about becoming a college professor – including my realization of how humor is so important in the classroom. In fact, I point out some parallels between college teaching and stand-up comedy that help explain why some very smart people could never be college teachers. There’s this and much more...

Jul 22, 2019

Why did I become a psychology professor? I started out loving math ... so what happened? In a humorous way, I tell you about what led me to choose the psychology field, and what my best and worst professors in college did that showed me how to be a good teacher. Every college student, teacher, or aspiring teacher should...

Jul 15, 2019

Join the Kvetching Professor as he kvetches about "pet peeves" ... no, not talking about things your pets may do that bother you. These are things people do that he, and no doubt others, find annoying – starting with drivers who don’t use their directional signals, or put them on after they’ve already started...

Jul 8, 2019

Although this episode (like the previous one) focuses on the fascinating topic of female beauty, a highlight here is a lively performance of a folk rock song I wrote and recorded in 1977. And then there are 15 engaging minutes of me, as the Kvetching Professor, talking about the politics and reality of beauty.